International negociations are growing complex. In this article by Eliane Karsaklian, see how you can change and improve your international negotiation approach. 

International negotiations 
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User's Guide

  1. First enter the name of your first product-market couple (eg. Air filter - German market) in the text area at the top of the screen. The system will assign a letter (A,B,C...) to each couple entered.
    • o Example: if your firm manufactures 2 products that you are considering exporting to 3 countries; you must count 6 product-market couples (2 products X 3 markets).
  2. Select the level on the scale (Select 'very low', 'low', 'medium'...) that best corresponds to product-market couple's position along the dimension of Potential (market size, contribution margin...) and Entry ticket (costs, risks...).
  3. Once you have made your selections, click on 'next' in order to proceed to the following product-market couple.
  4. Follow this sequence for the remaining product-market couples, to a maximum of 5 (streamlined version).
  5. Once the product-market couple data has been entered, complete the bottom section with your coordinates so that you will receive your I.Q. report illustrating the prioritization of your product-market couples and including an internationalization roadmap with preliminary strategic and tactical implications.

It is possible that this exercise will require you to do some preliminary research on certain target markets in order to get an accurate snapshot of reality. For step-by-step aid in the evaluation and prioritization of your product-market couples, or for customized coaching in your internationalization project, don't hestitate to contact a Mercadex consultant for support.